Sion Power announces development milestone for lithium-metal batteries

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Sion Power Corporation (Sion Power), which is working on battery development using lithium-metal technology, has announced it has reached a development milestone with its Licerion cells, which are targeted at the EV market.

The company states that it recently demonstrated charge and discharge of the cells to more than 2,500 cycles at 70% of initial capacity. The results were achieved with a multilayer development pouch cell, charged in 180 minutes (C/3 rate), and completely discharged (100% depth of discharge) in 45 minutes (4C/3 rate).

“Finding a practical balance between specific energy, energy density, and cycle life is a large part of battery development,” says Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power. “This excellent R&D achievement demonstrates the headroom of our technology when it comes to developing products for commercial trucking and automotive applications.”

Licerion uses a hybrid lithium-metal cell that utilizes multiple layers of lithium protection and can be paired with common cathode materials, including LFP and NMC. The current version of Sion Power’s 6Ah large-format Licerion EV cell has exceeded 800 cycles as validated by an independent test laboratory under the identical conditions of C/3, 4C/3.

The same 6Ah cell can also be fast charged to 80% capacity in less than 15 minutes. The Licerion-EV, 17Ah cell, has been independently verified with an actual (not projected) specific energy of 400Wh/kg and energy density of 780Wh/L.

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